Oregon Shooting Response Must be Reasoned

On Thursday, we saw evil on display once again during the Oregon shooting. A young man entered a local Community College and asked people their religion. The man shot those who said they were a Christian, but shot people in the leg or elsewhere if they said they were some other religion or refused to answer. The shooter killed 10 people and wounded another 7 when it was over.  Many politicians and activists were immediate in their response to the shooting: demanding that their policies be implemented.  However our response to the Oregon shooting should be one born out of reason and not of emotional rage and grief.  So let us look at the facts.

Whenever there is a crime like the Oregon shooting we must let reason and not emotions rule our response

Whenever there is a crime like the Oregon shooting we must let reason and not emotions rule our response

Right After the Oregon Shooting is not the Time to Decide

When is the best time to decide critical matters? Is it when you are emotional, and grief and anger cloud your thinking?  No of course not.  However, that is what many politicians and activists are advocating for.  Before the bodies were even cold there were calls for gun control.  It is common sense and logical that now is not the time to act.

Additionally, it is insensitive to the victims to make political statements so soon after the shooting.  When victims and her family are rightfully concentrating on each other and the memory of the lost, forcing them to consider political issues is insensitive and immoral.  However this is what our President has done.  President Barack Obama literally called for us to politicize the Oregon shooting, “This is something we should politicize.” We still do not know all the facts today, five days after the shooting.  It shows an utter lack of character and morals to make such a statement.

 Gun Control Does not Work

The President and others will tell you that we are the only civilized country in the world without gun control and that this is the reason we see mass shootings like the Oregon shooting.  They also blame our high-ranking in terms of murder rate relative to other countries on our lack of gun control laws.  While other countries have lower murder rates, we have to ask is that a result of gun control?  Comparing two countries’ gun rates to see which is higher will not tell you if gun control works.  One must look at the countries’ with gun control and compare their murder rates before and after gun control was put into law.  So what does that tell us?  It clearly shows that gun control does not work.  If you compare the murder rates from before the gun ban in England with now, the rate remains relatively unchanged, though the murder rate went up before coming back down in the intervening years.  So liberal gun policies, like their economic and national security policies do not work.  You can see charts showing England’s murder rate along with other countries at the Crime Prevention Research Center‘s website.

Oregon Shooting Reminds us of the Danger in Gun Free Zones

With the Oregon shooting, we once again see the dangers created by gun free zones.  Once again people anti-protection policies, this time on the part of the college made people a defenseless, easy target.  It is a great immorality and injustice that we often leave people totally defenseless.  The time to act was after Sandy Hook when the principal of the school had to charge Adam Lanza totally unarmed.  How might it have turned out differently if there had been an Armed guard, armed teacher or administrator?  When Lanza arrived at Sandy Hook, he found the doors locked and had to shoot a window out to gain access. How might it have turned out differently if there had been someone armed to return fire as he tried to enter?  Many times we that victims are victims of not lack of gun control, but of laws or policies that prevent them from defending themselves

So let us look at what happens when you are allowed to defend yourself versus when gun control has been implemented.  This is what you get when people are able to defend themselves:

What do you get when liberalism and gun control reign?

Gun-free zones kill people.  The statistics back this up: 92% of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones.

Conclusions about a Proper Oregon Shooting Response

To close, we must stand against the tyranny of forced vulnerability.  For the children, the elderly and the weak, we must act out of reason and stop efforts to institute more gun control. Freedom and maintaining the people’s God-giver and inalienable rights are the answer, not government oppression.  For “the least of these,” we must stand with the second amendment and people’s right to defend themselves, their family and their property.

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  • Another comment: the second amendment only applies to members of a well regulated militia. It does not say anything about random individuals.

  • I’m not sure if instituting an armed guard at every educational institution in the country is feasible. For one thing it’ll cost a lot of money. And while I could maybe see it happening in elementary or high schools which are more structurally organized, college campuses have much more open boundaries and have more people walking out in the open. You’d need a guard in every building plus several outside which is a lot.

    • That is where allowing professors and in the case of colleges and universities come in. The students and faculty would be able to defend themselves. However even just arming campus police would be an improvement, because they are already on site and should have a faster response time than local police. Thanks for taking the time to respond

      • But can a simple hand gun stop a massive assault rifle?

        • It’s not a battleship verses a destroyer. In a small enclosed space like a classroom , assuming your handgun is of a caliber with enough stopping power the difference is negligible.

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